Veneers for a More Beautiful Smile

Veneers for a More Beautiful Smile

Are you looking for a Hollywood smile? Or do you simply want to cover up imperfections in your teeth and get a shiny new smile in the process? Either way, veneers can give you what you are looking for.


A veneer is a thin shell, normally made of porcelain, that is placed on the front surface of your teeth to hide minor defects such as discoloration, small chips, and gapped or crooked teeth. They are custom-made for each patient to achieve the desired new look. In addition to correcting defects, veneers can be used to change the shape, size, length and color of teeth.


It normally takes three appointments to place veneers. The first appointment is simply a consultation to discuss whether veneers are a good fit for you. In the second appointment, a small amount of enamel is removed from each tooth to prepare them for the veneers. Molds are taken of your teeth to help the lab to custom-design your new veneers. Temporary veneers will likely need to be worn after this appointment until the permanent veneers are ready. At the last appointment, the new porcelain veneers are placed on your teeth, and you walk out with your beautiful new smile.


Some of the benefits you can expect from veneers include:


• They look just like natural teeth.
• They can whiten your teeth to any shade you want.
• They will not stain from coffee, tea, red wine or smoking.


Some patients may not be candidates for veneers, however. Contact our office to find out if porcelain veneers are an option in your case.


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