Vitamin D for Preventing Tooth Decay

Vitamin D for Preventing Tooth DecayFew of us eat perfectly balanced diets that feature adequate amounts of all necessary nutrients, which is why supplementation can play an important role in your daily life. According to a new analysis, vitamin D supplementation may be able to reduce your risk of tooth decay.

A total of 24 clinical trials including about 3,000 children were included in this analysis, which was performed by the University of Washington. Children between 2 and 16 were given vitamin D in the form of dietary supplements or UV radiation. Researchers determined that about half of the cases of tooth decay may have been prevented had the children had adequate access to vitamin D.

Vitamin D works with calcium to build strong bones. However, until this analysis, less was known about its role in tooth development and protection. According to the researchers, children who are low in vitamin D are at an increased risk of suffering improper tooth development and delayed eruption.

You can get more vitamin D in your diet by looking for fortified milks, juices and dairy products. Your body also makes its own vitamin D when exposed to the sun. If you are unable to get enough vitamin D from ordinary sources, our dentist may recommend supplementation.

Brushing twice daily and flossing daily are also important for protecting your teeth from decay. Use fluoride toothpaste for the best results, and seek dental care at least every six months.

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