What You Should Know about Flossing

What You Should Know about Flossing

Every day, you should brush your teeth twice and floss once, but many people skip this second task. Brushing your teeth offers nearly instant gratification as you feel your teeth go from fuzzy to film-free. Because flossing does not offer the same immediate benefits, it can be easier to put on the back-burner and leave it for another day. You might not even have any noticeable ill-effects right away, but over time, that plaque and bacteria between your teeth will continue to build up, leaving you more vulnerable to tooth decay, gum disease, and bone loss.


Because flossing is absolutely critical to keeping your smile healthy, youthful, and clean, it is something you must do every single day. How can you remember to do it even when your brain is on autopilot? Here are some simple tips to keep your flossing regular.


1. Use a floss in a flavor you like.
Mint-flavored floss can give your gums a tingly sensation that lasts long after the floss is in the trash. A great flavored floss can inspire you to keep flossing every day.

2. Use flossing tools.
If you are not a fan of traditional dental floss, consider using alternative flossing tools. Interdental cleaners, dental flossers, or similar items can turn flossing into an easy task you can do with a single hand.

3. Keep floss handy.

Instead of storing a single container of floss in your bathroom medicine cabinet, keep floss or flossing tools stashed everywhere you might need them – at your desk, in your gym bag, and in your car, for example. You will quickly discover how convenient it is to clean between your teeth and remove those annoying leftover bits of meals or snacks that cause irritation to your gums.


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