Why a Root Canal May be Necessary

Why a Root Canal May be Necessary

Everyone understands the concept of a tooth infection. It’s when a tooth hurts enough to make eating and every going about your everyday business difficult. But not everyone knows what is involved in treating a tooth infection. To eliminate the pain and what is causing it, a type of dentist called an endodontist will need to work on the inside of your tooth. This is called root canal treatment.

A tooth infection occurs when the pulp, nerves, and blood vessels that live in the canals of your teeth become infected or damaged. This usually occurs due to lack of good oral hygiene, which allows dental decay to reach the center of the tooth, causing the infection and pain. Other reasons a root canal treatment may be necessary include cracks or breaks, multiple procedures that have ruined the tooth structure, or physical injury.

A root canal begins with the dentist creating a hole in the tooth in order to reach the canals. They will use a special tool to remove the infected pulp. This pulp will be replaced with a material called gutta percha. The tooth will then be fortified with a cap. This is usually a porcelain or ceramic resin crown, but your dentist may use a filling if the entry point was small enough. After this process, you should be relieved of the pain, and free to enjoy the use of your tooth once again.


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