Why Oral Health is Important for Men

Why Oral Health is Important for Men

It’s an unfortunate truth that men do not take care of themselves as well as women do. For example, women are more likely to visit their dentist the amount of times that has been recommended to them, or at least follow the blanket recommendation of twice a year. Men, on the other hand, are known to neglect their dental and oral health for years, only seeking care when there is a problem that can’t be ignored.


However, dental health may be even more important for men than it is for women. This is because they are more susceptible to certain health risks than women are, and these health risks, such as heart disease and strokes, can be caused by poor dental hygiene. Despite this fact, the average man only brushes his teeth 1.9 times a day, and will likely lose at least five teeth by the age of seventy-two. Due to this fact, men are more likely to develop issues such as:


• Oral and throat cancer
• Periodontal disease
• Early tooth loss
• Infected teeth
• Abscessed teeth


Periodontitis, or severe gum disease, can lead to serious overall health problems, such as cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, if you are a man who suffers from diabetes, or takes any medications to combat heart conditions, high blood pressure, or depression, your saliva flow may be inhibited, which can increase the risk of cavities. Be sure to practice meticulous oral hygiene, and see an expert regularly if any of the above issues apply to you, or if you are a tobacco user. Our dentist will work with your to restore any damaged teeth or tissues, and prevent any further damage in the future.


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