Wrong Brushing Habits

Wrong Brushing HabitsMany patients mistakenly believe that they are in the clear because they brush their teeth regularly. Brushing your teeth is important, but you must use the proper brushing technique to enjoy all of the benefits of brushing. Many people brush, however, they do not brush correctly.

Most patients make the common mistake of not brushing long enough. Up to 80 percent of individuals brush their teeth for one minute or even less, according to recent studies. Your Northridge dental cleaning specialist advises patients to brush their teeth for two minutes or more to remove all of the food particles, bacteria, and plaque.

It is also important to pay attention to what you are doing when you brush your teeth. Some patients brush their teeth almost unconsciously, without noticing how evenly they are brushing or how thoroughly they are brushing their gum line. Failing to paying attention to brushing will lead to ineffective brushing, which allows plaque and tartar to build up in areas.

Other people brush their teeth thoroughly and spend the proper amount of time, but they do not use the correct brushing technique. The correct way to brush is to use a gentle circular motion on each tooth, not a hard sawing up and down or side to side motion. This will prevent damaging the dental enamel or irritating the gums.

Finally, your dentist in Northridge recommends alternating harsh whitening toothpastes with regular fluoridated toothpastes. This will prevent damage to the tooth enamel caused by the over-use of whitening toothpastes.

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