Your Child’s First Dental Visit

Your Childs First Dental Visit

Dental offices can seem intimidating for children at their first appointment. While our dentists take steps to make treatment comfortable for kids, there is still plenty that parents can do to ease the experience further. Here are some things you can do to make that first appointment a breeze for your child.


Explain Advantages of Treatment

Kids may feel more comfortable about going to the dentist when they understand how the visit will benefit them. Instead of framing it as an unfortunate obligation, present the appointment as a chance for your child to get special care for their smile. At the same time, you can emphasize the dental problems that treatment will help them avoid.


Be Prudent in Your Descriptions

As you explain what your child should expect at their appointment, be gentle with the words you choose. For example, try to avoid mentioning injections, drills, and other words that might be upsetting.


Choose an Educational Book

Some books have been written to ease kids’ minds about their upcoming first dental visits. After reading about how easy the experience was for a relatable character in a book, your child is likely to feel more relaxed about the situation.


The tips listed here can help you get your child ready for dental care. However, also try not to fuss too much about the appointment beforehand, as that could actually increase anxiety. You can schedule a consultation with our pediatric dentist to learn more about how our office makes dental care easy for kids.


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