Your Oral Health and What it Tells about Your Overall Health

Your Oral Health and What it Tells about Your Overall HealthYour smile can reveal your emotions to others, but did you know it can also reveal important cues about your general health? Your mouth can be considered the gateway to the rest of your body and may reveal signs of health problems or imbalances. Our Northridge dentist explains.


1. Bleeding gums
Bleeding gums can indicate hormonal imbalances. Girls who are in puberty, women who are menstruating, women who are pregnant and women who are in menopause are all more likely to have sensitive gums that bleed easily. They may also be more susceptible to gum disease, so it is vital that they maintain good dental hygiene and visit us regularly for checkups and cleanings.


2. Oral discomfort and tongue abnormalities
A swollen, pale or otherwise abnormal tongue can indicate that your iron levels are low. Redness and irritation can indicate a deficiency in B vitamins. A balanced diet is important to both your health and your oral health.


3. Damaged teeth
Teeth that have acid erosion or that are severely damaged may be clues about your gastrointestinal health. GERD, a condition in which stomach acids regurgitate into the mouth during sleep, can destroy teeth and can cause other significant health problems.


Gum disease, canker sores, headaches, chronic bad breath and other common oral health problems can be clues about the state of your health. Diabetes, heart disease, stomach problems and stress may all first show oral symptoms. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule your next appointment.

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