Your Teeth and Your Personality

your teeth and your personalityFirst impressions matter. We subconsciously make decisions about people almost as soon as we meet them, and sometimes a bad first impression can have lasting consequences. A smile can indicate many different things about who a person is. Studies have shown that small details such as the shape of your teeth can offer big clues about your personality and may even help strengthen your natural personality and boost your social and professional standing. Cosmetic dentistry can help give you the smile you want: a smile that reveals your true personality and conveys the best possible impression.

Perfectly aligned, square, even teeth give an impression of a person who is discreet and diplomatic while crooked or uneven teeth may give off an artistic or more reserved impression. Oval teeth may indicate that the smiler is timid, organized, and sensitive while triangular teeth have a more sanguine feel. Some people may have several different shapes, which can send mixed messages.

If you feel as though your teeth are creating the wrong impression about you, we can help. We offer orthodontics, dental veneers, and other treatments that can transform the look, shape, and feel of your smile to create a look that better reflects who you are. Regardless of the shape of your teeth, a healthy, genuine smile glows and radiates warmth, which can leave people with a positive impression and attract others to your natural personality. Contact us today to find out more or to schedule your appointment with our Northridge dentist.

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